Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Whipple DNA Project at

As proof that I'm still a "newbie" at genealogical DNA research, I realized this afternoon that the Whipple DNA Project has been around for at least two years at Even more surprising (to me) is that my pedigree is already online. (I recall uploading it somewhere a month or so ago. This afternoon I realized that it is posted--with a few others--at the URL mentioned above.)

Approximately two years ago Blaine Whipple submitted a document announcing the beginning of the Whipple Surname Family Tree DNA Project. (You can view the document at Although the offer described in that document has expired, prices of DNA testing have decreased since the document was created.

To join the Whipple Surname Family Tree DNA Project, I suggest the following:
  • Identify a living male relative named Whipple (perhaps yourself) who you think is a direct descendant of someone named Whipple, going from father to father, until the most distant male Whipple ancestor is reached.
  • Visit the FamilyTreeDNA web site and sign up for a Y-DNA test. (It will cost some money--but less than it did two years ago.) The instructions on Blaine's 2008 invitation said to select the "37 Marker" test. Today many suggest selecting the "67 Marker". If you aren't certain of your ancestry, you might decide to request the less expensive 12 or 25 Marker test. (If either of those looks promising, you can request a higher-numbered Marker test after receiving the results of your test.)
  • FamilyTreeDNA will send you four mouth swabs and give instructions for swabbing the inside of your mouth at intervals specified in the instructions, then storing them in small containers. When complete, return them to FamilyTreeDNA in the envelope they send you.
  • FamilyGreeDNA will email the results to you, inviting you to upload your patrilineal pedigree for others to see for comparison.
  • When you upload your pedigree it appears on the web site.
I'll share additional information as I  become aware of it.

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