Tuesday, December 7, 2010

67 Marker Y Chromosome DNA Test Results Arrived Today

Today I received an email from FamilyTree DNA, informing me of the results from the 67 Marker DNA test ordered earlier. (This completes the tests I've ordered.)

In searching the Y DNA databases, I have found several other Whipples with 90% or greater matches to my DNA, all of them descendants of Captain John Whipple of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island.

Hopefully more results will be forthcoming from known descendants of the Ipswich, Massachusetts/Bocking, England Whipples. It will be nice if/when we can establish whether or not the two main families share a common ancestor.

If you are a male named Whipple and can trace your patrilineal ancestry to the Whipples of Bocking, England, having your DNA tested would help us nail down a Y-DNA haplogroup for that Whipple branch.

If you aren't sure of your male-line Whipple ancestry, feel free to contact the Webmaster: webmaster@whipples.org.

More later

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