Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ipswich Whipple Y DNA: More Uncertainty

A few days ago I posted preliminary results of an Ipswich Whipple Y Chromosome DNA test. That test indicated no close relationship between the Rhode Island Whipples and that descendant of Matthew Whipple (brother of John) of Ipswich.

Two days ago I received another Y DNA report from another descendant of the same Matthew. (Matthew is the nearest common ancestor of both individuals.) Those DNA results were also different from the Rhode Island Whipple DNA results. Unfortunately, the two Ipswich Whipples DNA tests don't match each other: both Ipswich Whipples have different Y DNA results.

We can't really conclude anything at the moment, except for the following:
  • If you are a male named Whipple and a Y DNA test shows that you belong to haplogroup R1b1b2 (R-M269), you are likely a descendant of Captain John Whipple of Rhode Island.
  • If you are a male named Whipple and a Y DNA test shows that you belong to either haplogroup T or I2b1, you are likely an Ipswich Whipple. (Well, at least you probably aren't a Rhode Island Whipple.)
Feel free to submit your Y DNA test results to the Whipple DNA web site--especially if you don't think you are a Rhode Island Whipple.

More later ...

Weldon Whipple


  1. I assume one of the Ipswich Whipples belongs to halogroup T, and the other is in I2b1. Do you believe there is a problem with one of their family trees, or is the test less than accurate?

    your cousin, David

  2. I"m pretty certain the test is accurate. I can think of two possible "problems":

    1. People are sometimes adopted.
    2. Sometimes fathers aren't who children THINK they are--for various reasons ...

    In the case of the two Ipswich Whipples, I suppose one (or even both) MIGHT be examples of those "problems"

    Hopefully more tests by Ipswich Whipples will produce a "trend" ...

  3. Ah, the dangers of DNA testing.


  4. People who research their ancestors need to be prepared for the unexpected--both positive and negative. ... and be willing to accept what they find!