Sunday, May 8, 2011

12-Marker Y-DNA Test for $99.00!

This week Christopher Congdon reported a way to purchase a 12-marker Y Chromosome DNA test from FamilyTree DNA: Visit -- it takes you directly to the page for the 12-marker test.

As I mentioned in an earlier post: the 12-marker Y-DNA test should be sufficient for the objectives of the Whipple Website's tests -- to see it the Ipswich MA and Providence RI Whipples have a "recent" common ancestor.

Before you run out and plunk down your $99.00: Make sure you are a male patrilineal Whipple descendant! (That means that your Whipple ancestry goes back through fathers' lines as far as you know; it probably means that your surname is Whipple.)

I hope to see more test results from descendants of Ipswich Whipples, Matthew ( and John ( We're still looking for common haplogroup trends among their descendants.

(Last time I checked, I THINK I saw about 49 tests of Rhode Island Whipple patrilineal descendants, all with a common haplogroup. All "Rhode Island Whipple descendants) trace their ancestry to the John Whipple at

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