Saturday, February 25, 2012

Huge DNA News!

During the past 2-3 years (or more?), patrilineal descendants of the Rhode Island and Ipswich MA Whipples have been submitting DNA for testing. During that time, known Rhode Island descendants (descendants of Captain John Whipple at have belonged to haplogroup:

  • R1b1b2

During that same time, two descendants of Matthew of Ipswich ( have submitted DNA tests, with TWO different results:

  • T
  • I2b1

The Ipswich tests have been inconclusive ...


This evening I received an email from a male patrilineal descendant of "disconnected" Jonathan Whipple (, who married Anne (maiden name unknown) and had a son named Joseph Marks Whipple ( (Jonathan and Anne apparently died when Joseph was two years old. That was when he was adopted by John Marks ( and his wife Mary.)

The result:

Haplogroup T

We can now fairly confidently conclude that Jonathan Whipple ( is a direct descendant of Matthew Whipple ( or his brother John (

As we search for parents of Jonathan Whipple (, we can now eliminate Whipples that are descendants of Captain John Whipple ( of Rhode Island!

(Note: Don't be confused by the similar names of John of Ipswich, his son John, and John of Providence. See Who's Who: Three Colonial Immigrants Named John. Also visit the three John's pages at, and Scroll to the bottom of their pages and read the notes ...)

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