Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ipswich Whipple Y-DNA ... So Far

This past weekend I received a report from yet another patrilineal descendant of Matthew Whipple (b. 1590). He reported his haplogroup as T1. Previous Ipswich Whipples had reported haplogroups T (without the 1) and I2b1. One disconnected Whipple also reported a haplogroup of T.

At this point I'm guessing that T and T1 are close matches. (Slight mutations can occur as generations pass. T1 is likely a mutation of T?)

Here is what we have so far. (Each indention level represents one generation):

Matthew (b. abt 1590 Bocking, Eng.; d. 28 Sep 1647 Ipswich, MA)
   John (b. 6 Sep 1632 Bocking; d. 1695 Ipswich). A descendant reports T.
       Joseph (b. abt 1640 Ipswich; d. abt 1709 Ipswich)
           Jonathan (b. 16 Apr 1679 Ipswich; d. 2 Apr 1757 Westborough, MA)
               Francis (b. 1705 Ipswich; d. 2 Jul 1787 New Braintree, MA)
                   Benjamin (b. 23 Apr 1727 Ipswich; d. 30 Apr 1806)
                       Nehemiah (b. 25 Mar 1750). A descendant reports I2b1.
                       Benjamin (b. 16 Sep 1755). A descendant reports T1.

Last week we reported that a descendant of Joseph Marks Whipple (b. 24 Aug 1752 Greenwich, MA, d. 10 Jun 1843 Johnston, OH) is in haplogroup T. (We don't know Joseph's connection yet. We're guessing he is a descendant of Matthew (b. 1590) or Matthew's brother John (b. 1596 Bocking, Eng., d. 30 Jun 1669 in Ipswich, MA).

A significant number of the descendants of "young" John Whipple (b. abt 1617 somewhere in England; d. 16 May 1685 Providence, RI) are members of haplogroup R1b1b2.

To summarize: Of the small sampling of Y DNA from Ipswich Whipple descendants, most of them seem to be of haplogroup T (or a related haplogroup).

If you are a male named Whipple and are a direct patrilineal descendant of either of the two Ipswich Whipples (Matthew or his brother John), please consider having a Y DNA test and submitting your haplogroup to the Whipple Website.

Feel free to correct or comment on any assumptions made in this post!

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