Sunday, September 4, 2016

Raymond Whipple of Hamilton, Massachusetts

On August 26.  Raymond “Ray” Whipple of Hamilton, Massachusetts, sent an email reminding me that he is in the Y-DNA T haplogroup. (I helped him get the test several years ago through Family Tree DNA.)

Ray’s Patrilineal Whipple Ancestry

In 2012, Ray published the 4th edition of his book entitled The Whipples of Ipswich and Its Hamlet. I have a signed (by Ray) copy of the book in my possession.

Ray traces his male genealogy back to Matthew Whipple of Bocking/Ipswich as follows—all his American ancestors lived in Ipswich Hamlet/Hamilton, Massachusetts:

  1. Raymond Arthur Whipple Jr. (
  2. Raymond Arthur Whipple (
  3. Arthur Eli Whipple, 1872-1926 (
  4. John Henry Whipple, 1831-1917) (
  5. John Whipple, 1807-1871 (
  6. Edward Whipple (Lt.), 1780-1861 (
  7. John Whipple, 1743-1832 (
  8. John Whipple (Capt.), 1695-1769 (
  9. John Whipple (Capt.), 1660-1722 (
  10. John Whipple (Lt.), 1632-1695 (
  11. Matthew Whipple, 1590-1647 (
  12. Matthew Whipple Sr., abt 1550-1618/1619 (

Note: The Whipple Website extends Matthew Sr’s ancestry two generations:

  1. Thomas Whipple, b. abt 1510 (
  2. Thomas Whipple, b. abt 1475 (


Ray isn’t the only Whipple in Y-DNA haplogroup T. In a note inserted inside the book he sent me in 1912 (?), he states his relief at learning that there are other Whipples in Y-DNA haplogroup T. (Yes, there were other reports of Whipples in that haplogroup before Ray.)

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