Thursday, October 31, 2019

Who are the Baden Baden Whipples?

The Whipple DNA blog went online nearly nine years ago. Its initial goal was to use Y chromosome DNA testing to determine if Captain John Whipple of Providence, Rhode Island was biologically related to Matthew and John Whipple of Bocking, England and Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Y-DNA tests reported thus far seem to confirm that the two families are not biologically related.

What's Next?

In 1844, Charles Frederick Whipple arrived in Louisiana from Baden Baden (in present-day Germany). He settled in the city of Houma in Terrebonne Parish.

One possible next step might be for some patrilineal male descendants of Charles to have their Y-DNA tested to determine if there is any relationship between the Baden Baden/Louisiana Whipple and the Rhode Island or Bocking/Ipswich Whipples.

Any candidates needing encouragement or assistance are invited to contact, indicating their connection the Charles Frederick Whipple. The Webmaster will try to answer your questions.

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