DNA Tests in the new Whipple Database

During the past few days I’ve upgraded the software of the former iWhipple.org web site. In the process I changed it’s address to db.whipple.org.

I now notice a new section of that site called “DNA Tests” (currently empty). I’m contemplating entering my own DNA information.

Unless I become inundated with email, I’m willing to accept (and enter) information from individuals who are found in the Whipple Database (i.e. whose name is listed at db.whipple.org). (Send your information to webmaster@whipple.org. Be sure to include your individual number …)

Here are the fields that appear on the Test Information page:

  • Test Type. One of:
    • atDNA (Autosomal)
    • Y-DNA
    • mtDNA (Mitochondrial)
    • X-DNA
  • Test Number
  • Vendor
  • Test Date
  • Person who took this test (linked to a person at db.whipple.org)
  • Number of STR Markers
  • Haplogroup
  • Significant SNPs
  • Terminal SNP
  • Notes. (This is a large, free-format field)
  • Relevant Links (probably for URLs of other sites/pages?)

Before You Submit Your Information

I haven’t had time to consider all the ramifications of posting DNA test information on the site. Before you send me your information, please think about whether or not you have privacy concerns (etc.).

The Whipple Genweb and Whipple Database already have a policy of not (intentionally) posting dates and places for living individuals.

We’ll see where this goes…