Answers to some frequently asked questions about tests described in the Whipple DNA Blog:
What is Capt. John Whipple's Y-DNA haplogroup?
R1B1b2 (R-M269)

What is Ipswich John and Matthew Whipple's Y-DNA haplogroup?
Many reported T (T-M70). One participant reported T1. Ironically, Blaine Whipple reported his own haplogroup as I2b1. (No others have reported I2b1 ... yet)

Where can I have my Y-DNA tested?
Family Tree DNA (https://familytreedna.com) has been used by all participants who have reported to the Whipple Website.

Where can I see Family Tree DNA Whipple Y-DNA test results?
Check out "Whipple - Y-DNA Classic Chart" on Family Tree DNA's web site.

Does Ancestry.com offer a Y-DNA test?

Does 23andme offer a Y-DNA test?

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