[These were the original objectives of the Whipple Y-DNA project as stated by Blaine Whipple. (Note: Blaine Whipple passed away in early 2015.) The project is now oficially closed.]

The Whipple Website encourages Y-DNA testing to extend and verify Whipple genealogical research. If you are a male with surname Whipple, we encourage you to sign up for a Y-DNA test at the FamilyTree DNA web site. (We recommend at least the "37 marker" test. If you can afford it, we also recommend the more expensive 67 marker test.) After you receive your results, we encourage to send your patrilineal pedigree to the Whipple DNA Project at worldfamilies.net. (Note: WorldFamilies closed on May 23, 2018.)

Primary Research Objectives
  1. Identify the Y-DNA haplotree for the following:
  2. Identify the Y-DNA haplotree for the two brothers from Bocking, Essex, England:

The two brothers Matthew and John should have the same Y-DNA haplotree. (This would also be the haplotree of their father Matthew [buried 16 Jan 1618/1619*], grandfather Thomas [b. about 1510, resident of Braintree and Newport, Essex, England] and great-grandfather Thomas (b. about 1475, resident of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, d. between 1535 and 1537].)

Successful identification of the Y-DNA haplotrees for the Rhode Island and Ipswich, MA Whipples will prove that either:
  1. The two families have a "recent" common ancestor that might be identified through further research, OR
  2. The two families do NOT have a "recent" common ancestor. Researchers need not expend effort in connecting the two families. Note: The Whipple Y-DNA study determined that the two families do not have a recent common ancestor.
(Note: There is always the possibility, for example, that—even though Y-DNA evidence shows the two families unrelated—there might be an adoptive relationship between them. ... But that is what makes genealogy so interesting ...)

Disconnected Whipples

Male patrilineal descendants of disconnected Whipples (see Disconnected Whipples) can be tested to see how their haplotrees compare with the haplotrees identified above.

Whipples in the United Kingdom

See if any present-day UK Whipples match haplogroup(s) of descendants of the Bocking and Rhode Island Whipples.

*Note that father Matthew Whipple's burial date, 16 Jan 1618/1619, is an exact date. If you don't know why, refer to Making Sense of Dates in Colonial America.